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Aspire Renovations is a company striving to build , renovate and give knowledge to home owners along the way to better help them understand how the renovation process  works, and to inform them for future updating. 


Build Clear Expectations.

As a homeowner, before any work begins, you need to create a two-way understanding with your contractor. You are entitled to and should expect a detailed, written contract. It should outline  everything that will be completed for the work  as well as  the payment process that you  agreed on. It should include time lines and dates of work completion. Courtesy and fairness to the home owner and the contractor need a clear understanding for the complete plan expectations and costs and will avoid  future troublesome and frustrating situations. Remember, you may what to make changes during construction, just remember, this will add to your renovation costs.  


Schedule Appointment

All estimates are free and flexible according to materials and scheduling.

                            A few Ideas for your home


Don't Compare Your Home to HGTV

The home shows on TV leave us all with the impressions that renovations can be completed quickly and cheaply. If you find you are the type that likes to compare your house with the design magazines and  home Reno shows, then stop. Rather, consider why you want the renovation, what problems will it fix and what your vision might be.  Answer theses necessary questions and  you will  have a much better idea of what your needs are and what budget you can consider and afford.

Always Consider Contingency Funds

Once the contract is signed off, changes can impact the final  price. Unforeseen problems may arise or, you might want to make some changes as the work proceeds. There are always extra costs. That’s because home renovation planning always takes a little bit of guess work. How do you know if you have lead pipes, asbestos or your plumbing is leaking in the wall, until you uncover the situations? To avoid this funding mistake include in your  renovation  budget unexpected  costs by having a contingency fund. Most contractors suggest adding 10% but larger projects may need a 20% contingency fund. Talk to your contractor for a better understanding of what this extra money could potentially cover.


Patience Is A Major Factor

The final tip is,be patient and think it through. You may find that you need more funds  than you think for your plans. Putting your Reno project on hold sometimes gives you  time to save more money. It means not going into debt for an expenditure that may or may not give you a return for your money spent and  avoid costly mistakes that you have not considered. A hasty, under budgeted renovation could actually devalue your home.




We keep on rehiring Shawn because he’s such a competent builder. Our house is 100 years old and slanted. He can fix anything.
He’s fair with budgets. Completely trustworthy. Always on time. Great personality.
He’s got great contacts with other professionals, Electricians, Plumbers, Concept Designers. When he starts a project - he keeps to his deadlines.
— Don



I’ll only work with the best materials available. I provide a 2 year guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time. I give my clients realistic schedules too accommodate their lives as best as possible. I strive for honest customer service.




About Me


I'm a highly motivated and organized individual who enjoys the carpentry industry.  I started in 1997 as a helper when my aunt & uncle built an addition on their home. I have been doing various projects ever since. Over the past number of years I have worked for various company's. I decided it was time to go out on my own . I enjoy learning new techniques, and reading about and using new sustainable products. I strive to provide the client with the best possible experience.